About Mia

Longer Silence
‘This is good, not perfect’

I first met Mia 5 years ago when we did some work together to help shape the Miasuki brand. The more we worked together the more it became apparent that Miasuki, which in commercial terms is ‘a brand’ with some interesting, super equestrian elegant ‘luxury collections’, is actually far from this.

Every time a brand and marketing professional tried to apply the good old principles of branding, they felt rigid and fall flat.

This is because Miasuki is not just a business venture, it is actually a lifelong commitment and often an emotional burden - as everything matters. Always. Mia sees herself as someone who is consciously pre-occupied on a daily basis about finding a better way. A process of constant learning and bluntly discarding as better ways emerge. Delegation is a challenge as everything the company does is guided by Mia’s inquisitive head, all immersive continuous learning and a fierce heart. I think the closest we got to capturing the brand was when I asked Mia to talk about the music that she loves. Low and behold we end up with The Script’s Hall of Fame as the brand narrative. Mia’s personal script.

Mia wants everyone to be independent but the free rein is only as long as the next meeting as everything needs to be meticulously checked and considered. Perfection is not an ambition, it’s a part of the daily process.

So what does such a personal approach mean for the Miasuki brand and its future?

Old style marketing gurus would say that Mia needs to permit some detachment for the business to grow. But these are not ordinary times and Miasuki is far from an ordinary business.

Miasuki is now embracing technology as never before - to source and weave in sustainability. Upcycling from Hybrid-Lux to Purpose-Lux.

Mia is utterly determined that the footprint of Miasuki will be a light one and there is not such thing as throwing ‘away’.

When other businesses are being cautious and biding time, Mia continuous to advance. Miasuki is now setting its ambitions even higher - not in the conventions of scale and volume but in terms of product perfection and brand legacy.

Fast luxury fashion? Mass consumerism? Surely this is a world of them, not us, so how can this approach fits in?

The truth is that Mia doesn’t ‘fit in’. She assuredly attends all the gatherings and people love to have her there but she is not at ease within the pack.

She is only at ease when she knows what she has created in any given moment is absolutely perfect- and this is why the creative process is constant. The brief moves as Mia learns beyond yesterday. The more she challenges others to keep up the more content she becomes.

So for everyone who buys the Collections, everyone who works in the company, every craftsman who is part of the design and manufacturing process, they can be all sure Mia cares, very deeply indeed.

Will the business be a mass commercial global luxury brand?

I doubt it as the worry to lower standards and disappoint will drain too much of Mia’s life.

Will it be an international boutique lifestyle brand which makes a significant positive impact?

Yes definitely - as Miasuki Collections are not something to drift into the ‘used to be worn’ end of the wardrobe. Quite the opposite, they are designed with a long term view to exquisitely perform to last and last. This is the only way Mia can feel at peace, knowing that its beauty and resilience will never fade or fray.

That’s a hard promise to keep - few companies would be prepared to make that commitment.

For Mia it’s the only way. She is utterly committed to the sustainable long term legacy and to continue to be a formidable force for good.

So next time everything is a bit quiet, know that Mia is thinking deeply, sleeping little, and designing something with her team to be even more resilient, even more comfortable, more Miasuki.

Susie Hunt
London, May 2020