Positive Social Purpose

Positive Partnerships founded on Positive Principles

Miasuki has always been committed to making the right, often difficult choices to maintain the highest quality whilst minimising our environmental footprint.

In 2020 we have taken this commitment a step further by making these Positive Principles a condition of partnership and a contractual obligation. These obligations run two ways; we understand that if our restrictive requirements increase cost/timing/craft then we will need to respect this in the contracts. These are the difficult choices we make everyday for the right reasons.

The Miasuki Positive Principles are as follows:

1. Transparency of Sourcing

We require every partner to provide the full sourcing history behind every item.

2. Quality of Product

We require every partner to provide in depth detail on every fabric/design element so we can understand composition and quality.

3. Security

We require every partner to be certified at the same level as Miasuki in alignment with the EU health, safety and human security standards.