Outside the Pack

We want to actively demonstrate our accountability to our community and to the planet, everyday. Our objective is to be a zero harm luxury business, consciously removing all damaging process and habits which negatively impact the environment. We are not the expected voice of a category, in fact we don’t really belong in one. From the very beginning Miasuki has never conformed.

If you want fast luxury fashion go elsewhere.

If you buy without knowing what waste and damage you may be creating, we ask you to think again.

If, on the other hand, you feel exquisite beauty is inextricably bound with formidable enduring performance;

If you believe the quality of the product’s manufacturing journey is what makes it extraordinary;

If you want to be more conscious and learn about what’s behind the label rather than feeling uneasy that you don’t know;

If these thoughts resonate with you, Miasuki could be right for you.

If you feel you can help us make even greater positive impact, then give us a call and maybe we can even work together too.

For us, the responsibility to ensure our business activates positive change weight heavily on our decision making everyday.

For us, activating change means that we are accountable to create beauty mindfully while touching lightly on the planet.

For us, overcoming those challenging choices has helped create a more sustainable, more exciting business, leading from outside the luxury pack.

Welcome to Miasuki and our journey towards Exquisite Performance.