Conscious Luxury

Company Values

Intelligent, formidable determination to deliver consistent perfection. The best or nothing.
Restless and rebellious spirit to rethink the formula. Disruptive bravery to challenge conventions with exquisite positive performance as our sole purpose. Sensitivity Intuitive sensitivity from an emotional and physical aspect. This purposeful sense of care is instilled in every dimension of our product design and brand experience.
Studied design processes to balance delivery of the highest technical standards with purposeful, environmentally conscious beauty.
Deeply connected sense of responsibility to the environment and the community. Always considering how to create a positive legacy for Miasuki, how to learn from mistakes. “I believe everyone has consciousness, but how many awake moments do you have?”
The bravery to deeply consider the issues at hand and say what needs to be said to protect what matters - be it people, culture, craft or environment.